Translating property strategy into operative terms

The main goal of Phrixus is to ensure you, our current and potential clients, with the best services. Phrixus is comprised of a group of professionals who cover the real estate management services of business and commercial properties.

Phrixus is the only company which is able to operatively implement complex projects that require integrated services for real estate, or as we call it, real estate management services. Through reflection and through the work of investors and property owners, we make possible property development in accordance with a defined strategy and our core values. This is the only sustainable approach for success of investment and for us as a real estate management service provider. 

Real Estate Management Services include a set of integrated services that are aimed at real estate users and owners, including property management services, property maintenance, project management, development of real estate projects, as well as commercialization and exploitation of these.

The results of the projects we manage serve as indicators of the quality of our work.

Turn to us with the utmost confidence!

Real estate beginners' section

  • Real estate services Phrixus team executes every day, more than a thousand times! 
  • Because we are committed to your property project success.
  • The portfolio of services you need to have in order to be able to run your real estate business. Services you already outsource. Services for which you do not know if you can find a partner on the market. 
  • Numerous services you need in your property business you do in-house in a way to believe you are doing it perfect, but you aren’t.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the costs. Phrixus has a set of services for your needs, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a mature investor or property owner.
  • If you are afraid that the expense of services provided by our experts will exceed your project budget, you are mistaken. In the long term, it is much more cost-effective to hire professionals from the beginning than to pay for your mistakes.

From the very beginning! At the moment when you first consider contacting us, a professional company.

Our strength is driven by enthusiastic and dedicated employees and highly experienced professionals who bring a new spirit to the market and who independently cover all relevant real estate service segments.

  • You can’t! You need to call Phrixus as only we know how to carry out these services! And do not be afraid. It is cheaper to call real estate professionals from the very start of your project than to make mistake after mistake.
  • It is free to call us!

Solutions for our partners

We oftentimes say: we live the life of property.

We have realized that clients' expectations of us in terms of real estate management services are becoming increasingly more demanding. We anticipated that clients would be asking for an integration of individual services within a single solution. This, for us, meant that we must adapt.

The unique and systemic approach which guides Phrixus employees has led us to our becoming an unavoidable address for all those who deal with real estate or are owners. The projects which we are a part of are exemplary of our complete solutions. Our leading market position is proven by our active projects and references.


Managing property investment is distinct from managing the real estate itself. As a company which is recognized by a plethora of international investors, we are the preferred outsourcing partner for all of you who are real estate owners.

  • A diversified portfolio of services within which property, or rather, real estate investment is central.
  • Focused on establishing a property strategy and implementing this strategy.
  • The real estate management service concept which is represented by Phrixus entails completely integrated services with added value for clients.
  • In addition to offering a complete solution to clients, we also offer individual services from our portfolio.

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Quote of the day

If you want to drink excellent espresso you won't go to coffee chain.But if you want to be served by the best property and facility management company in the region, talk to Phrixus.


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