Hiring procedure

Determine who we are and what we do.

Are we the most suitable employer for you? Find your answer by searching our internet page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter profile.

If you perceive Phrixus as your next employer connect with us.

Send your CV together with motivation letter to and connect with us through LinkedIn or Tweeter.

Regardless of whether your application is for real estate management projects, maintenance, accounting, marketing, or cleaning personnel, our human resources personnel will process and send your application to the relevant department at Phrixus.

When connected with us you will be called for an interview.

If you have applied on a position that requires analytical and special skills, you will be asked to participate in computer based testing. During the testing our managers will check your professional knowledge.

Candidates who pass the interview and/or testing will be provided with an offer from our management team. If in this part of the hiring process you and we agree about the terms, you are step away to be on-board.

For positions that requires deeper knowledge and understanding of the project, we provide on the job training during a period of 1 - 2 months before you get your roles and responsibilities.

Now you are Phrixus!

What our employees say

During the recruitment process at Phrixus, I received the kind of support from management and professional services which I couldn’t have even dreamed of!
Marijo Fijala, Facility Manager, Phrixus

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