Real estate revitalization and repositioning

Phrixus’ property revitalization and repositioning service is for properties that are in the active commercialization and exploitation phase, but which are not achieving adequate results; thus, investors/owners are requesting immediate changes to the existing management model.

Property revitalization

In terms of property revitalization, we are particularly focused on the management of special purpose vehicles (SPV) with the goal of revitalizing and selling these project companies. In other words, we work on property value recovery for property owners. Phrixus has a team of experienced professionals that take care of restructuring of workouts property portfolios.

Key priorities include Phrixus completely taking over activities and responsibilities for the following processes: real estate management, marketing services, accounting services and reporting, as well as lease of the real estate.

The introduction of specialized companies in the real estate management process, with the following

  • Preserving the investment value
  • Improving the current financial parameters and all quantitative and qualitative parameters
Property repositioning

Clients are continuously requesting repositioning services for commercial properties. One of the main reasons for their needs is the fact that their clients or leaseholders are demanding more when it comes to leasing and other commercial conditions.

In the case of gradual changes, Phrixus offers its clients services related to the analysis of the situation and real estate organization model, defining a strategy and the future direction of the project’s development, establishing objectives and key success factors, drawing up processes and standard operating procedures, drawing up reporting models, training employees working on the project, preparation of tender documentation for the selection of service providers, carrying out tenders, rebranding, and PR.



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