Marketing management

The backbone of every successful shopping center is marketing activities, in a general sense. The core business of every shopping center is, for us, marketing. The goal of marketing is to differentiate a shopping center and what it has to offer from its competition, to build a portfolio of lessees and to attract consumers into the shopping center with the goal of contributing to the purpose of shopping centers which is to encourage spending.

For us, marketing isn't just a theoretical concept. In the shopping center management process, our focus in on bringing customers to the center in order to ensure continuous consumption for the lessees, which has a direct impact on the shopping center's generated revenues thus ensuring return on investment for the property owner.

„The Keep marketing“ - Retail property marketing for you, the shopping center owners.
  • Drawing up a marketing strategy and positioning the shopping center
  • Pre-opening planning and realization
  • Opening Day management
  • Event marketing
  • Public Relations
  • TRM (Tenant Relationship Management)
  • Consulting and sales support
  • Measuring the success of the marketing strategy

Our marketing experts from the foundation of the Whizz marketing brand – a marketing solution.


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