Quality assurance

An independent audit carried out by Phrixus is based on the acquired expertise and experience of our employees, best market practices, and knowledge and information that will give the investor insight into the condition of the property. The independent audit conducted by Phrixus results in a report which is presented to the investor following the audit.

Phrixus’ model of property management serves as the basis for determining the system of work and responsibilities between investors and service providers and for the operational performance Property Management, Technical and Infrastructural Facility Management.

This independent audit of the business is also a quality assessment of the operation of the real estate and its service providers, which is done through risk assessment of important aspects of the business and work processes in an effort to preserve the investment value.

Phrixus’ values and corporate conscience are fundamental determinants in the execution of our business responsibilities. For Phrixus employees, quality is excellence in everyday work that is shared within the organization and the projects and between Phrixus and its clients.

The usefulness of an independent audit of operations is reflected through the following:

  • Risk assessment of the property. The early warning system for current and potential risks of related to the business projects and investments.
  • Making decisions based on an impartial and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the business enables investors to select the best option and, if necessary, serves to revitalize the project.
  • For investors, it gives recommendations for improving the business and work processes.

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