Profit management and staff training

Our cost management services include a series of measures that we propose to real estate owners with the goal of optimizing their real estate expenses which come from a combination of management and maintenance services; these services generate expenses for the real estate, rather, for its owners and leaseholders. To realize these cost-saving results property owners and asset managers need to have a comprehensive solution system that integrates all business functions.

Areas within profit management and staff training services cover areas like: revenue boosting, new revenue streams, rebranding, capital and purchases expenses, property insurance costs, organizational optimization, inventory expenses, property acquisition and sales costs, accounting and reporting structure, sale of excess idle equipment, costs of repairs and spare parts, costs for equipment calibration and maintenance.

Education for property and center managers is based on on-the-job training.  The training is focused on the introduction of and acquisition of operational components of daily routines of property managers with one goal:  delivery of the highest level of service toward lessees based on a complete, clear and flexible management strategy.


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