Tehnical facility management

The scope of technical services in facility management is divided into three subcategories:

  • Technical facility management (technical management and maintenance of facilities and plants)
  • Commercial (entrepreneurial) facility management (KPI monitoring and drawing up an optimized activity plan, master plans, monitoring the energy market and contracting of energy supply, etc.)
  • Energy management

Commercial facility management encompasses: defining and monitoring key global indicators of the business properties (KPI), optimization of expenses for the life cycle of equipment, drawing up a long-term maintenance plan, investment maintenance and technological modernization with the aim of optimizing expenses for property usage and installations, followed by technical consulting during the construction of new facilities, management of smaller investment projects for clients, monitoring the energy market, etc. This service component is usually carried out through internally organized facility management in larger companies or through our service for those clients who do not need to internally hire employees for these jobs.


We implement Facility Management in accordance with a set of European standards: EN 15221-1: 2012, which defines terms and definitions; EN 15221-2: 2012, which provides guidelines for contracting, technical regulations, recommendations for equipment manufacturers; and according to national legislation.


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