Marketing services

Define a strategy, develop a brand and achieve results!

We all sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads when we aren't sure which path to take. Don't be Alice in Wonderland; choose the right path.

Outsourcing of employees, business processes, and clients' operative marketing activities:
  • Management and coordination of marketing processes
  • Development and management of the marketing budget and activities
  • „Outside - in“ perspective
  • Education and consulting
  • Creative solutions:
    • Drawing up creative solutions
    • Drawing up interactive solutions
Communication and Socialization:
  • PR activities and drawing up a communication strategy
  • Drawing up innovative modes for communication
  • Communication via electronic media
  • New forms of social media
  • Active community engagement by the client
Media planning and buying
Education and consulting
Producing print, video and audio materials

Our marketing experts from the foundation of the Whizz marketing – a marketing solution.



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