As a part of the real estate business arena, we believe that the real estate industry is an essential part of our business and society as such. Choosing a career in the dynamic field of real estate will provide fulfilling opportunities to expand your professional experience and build capacity.

There are plenty of career opportunities in Phrixus regardless of whether you are applying for position as a center manager, facility manager, technician, cleaning personnel, marketing specialist, accountant, hospitality specialist, or housekeeper.

In accordance with our corporate conscience, we do not tolerate discrimination and harassment of employees because of their sex, race, religious, national or political affiliation, physical disabilities, age, family status, or any personal characteristics or beliefs.

Phrixus ensures a safe working environment which means that its employees are not exposed to health or other risks and we provide them with sufficient information, training and insurance to prevent against such risks.

We are looking for candidates that combine our core values.


What our employees say

During the recruitment process at Phrixus, I received the kind of support from management and professional services which I couldn’t have even dreamed of!
Marijo Fijala, Facility Manager, Phrixus

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