Process outsourcing

Our services dealing with property apply only to those tasks which are not part of the core business of our clients. These services are part of our outsourcing model which is aimed at providing clients an exclusive focus on their core business. Such a model can only be offered by specialized companies like Phrixus.

When a client is approached in an unreasonable way, which is unfortunately quite often the case, the term optimization through outsourcing acquires a wrong meaning which rarely conceals unfinished work and a reduction of expenses at any cost, regardless of the consequences that could be seen several years into the future. Our approach is diametrically opposed to this type of approach to work and we perceive our business only in the realm of our clients who have identical business principles to ours. Do they seek the lowest possible expenses? – yes, but not at any cost.

Our outsourcing models cover all processes Phrixus has specialized in, like:

  • financial supervision and project monitoring
  • commercial services
  • sales support
  • workplace management
  • office administration
  • outsourcing of marketing departments 
  • front desk and  reception
  • catering
  • technical maintenance
  • cleaning
  • any other process or activity from our portfolio

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